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As part of this mission to represent the interests of the printing and related industries across Europe, Intergraf provides targeted services to the global security printing community.

It not only organises SecurityPrinters: the only independently funded, neutral platform to engage with the most pressing issues in the banknote and identity world today, where customers, printers and suppliers converge to discuss and exchange since 1976.

Intergaf also publishes an industry-specific quarterly, Infosecura, and plays a crucial role in defining and developing standards for the industry, by offering CWA 15374 and ISO 14298 certification to security printers and suppliers.

In doing so, Intergraf helps technological innovators and institutional end users to respond to the challenges they face in an ever-more complex and competitive global environment influence.

The activities of Intergraf's SecurityPrinters section are supported by a Committee of Experts.