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Intergraf's Committee of Experts
What makes SecurityPrinters different?

SecurityPrinters draws on the vast experience and knowledge of a dedicated Committee of Experts, composed of senior banknotes and security documents professionals from the industry and law enforcement. Appointed by Intergraf, they overview the preparation and delivery of each conference and exhibition.

Our Committee Members meet regularly throughout the year to make SecurityPrinters a rewarding experience. Immediately after the event ends, they analyse feedback gathered from speakers, exhibitors and delegates, to review goals and highlight priorities for the next. Discussions then begin to define and build sessions for a balanced conference programme of a uniformly high standard.

Committed to presenting the most relevant and interesting content, they collaborate closely to:

Define thematic and transversal directions that engage with the most pressing issues in the fields of banknotes and identity documents today
Identify topics and trends that hold particular promise for the immediate and more distant future
Evaluate proposals submitted in response to the call for papers
Recruit high-profile speakers from across the industry worldwide
Work with speakers to offer a unique, independent framework for interaction and debate
Advise on the eligibility of companies wishing to attend or exhibit

Since October 2016, Intergraf’s Committee of Experts is chaired by Dieter Sauter.


Any questions? Please contact us at securityprinters@intergraf.eu or call +32 2 230 86 46