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Copenhagen, now and then

A two-stop journey into Copenhagen's rich cultural scene and history. And this being the birthpace of the New Nordic cuisine movement, no tour would be complete without a stopover for lunch at one of the capital's finest gourmet addresses. Places are limited. Book early to secure yours!

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

A vibrant cultural venue just a stone’s throw from Copenhagen, the modernist building complex of Lousiana Museum of Modern Art blends perfectly into the natural surroundings of the Sound (Øresund), providing an ideal setting for its 3,500-strong collection of works from the mid-20th century onwards, as well as cutting-edge temporary exhibitions.

Join the guided tour. And then wander through the glass-walled galleries and get lost in the rolling hills of its unique sculpture park, with stunning panoramic views of Sweden across the water.

Itinerary *

09:15 __ Bella Center Copenhagen __ Coach transfer to Lousiana Museum of Modern Art

10:00-12:00 __ Lousiana Museum of Modern Art __ Guided tour

12:00-12:30 __ Lousiana Museum of Modern Art __ Free time

12:30-13:15 __ Lousiana Museum of Modern Art __ Coach transfer to Restaurant Tårnet, Copenhagen

13:30-15:00 __ Restaurant Tårnet, Copenhagen __ Lunch

15:00-17:00 __ Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen __ Guided tour

17:00-17:30 __ Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen __ Coach transfer to Bella Center Copenhagen

* Timings are subject to change

Christiansborg Palace

Right in the middle of Copenhagen, on the small island of Slotsholmen between Zealand and Amager, stands Christiansborg Palace.

The Danish Parliament as well as the Danish Prime Minister sit behind its relatively new neo-baroque façade. And it is in its Royal Reception Rooms that the Queen still welcomes foreign heads of state and throws her New Year’s receptions.

But underneath these grand halls filled with art and tapestries teeming with kings, queens and national heroes that made Denmark what it is today also await over 800 years of history to be discovered: the ruins of Bishop Absalon’s 12th-century castle and of the Blue Tower, Copenhagen Castle’s infamous prison.

The 106-metre-high tower that replaced it when the current palace was completed in 1928 has one of the best 360° vantage points from which to take in the entire capital. Make sure you check the sweeping panorama from the viewing platform.

Saturday 26/10/2019


from Bella Center Copenhagen at 09:15
175€ *

1 price = 2 venues
transport + admission fees + lunch

* all prices exclude VAT (25%)
50 participants max.

Any allergies? Dietary requirements?
Please let us know when registering
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