Ulrich Schneider

Senior Scientist

Bundeskriminalamt, Forensic Science Institute, KT 54 – Questioned Documents, ID-Systems __ Germany

Thursday 22/03/2018 __ 09:30-09:50

Session 2 __ Advancements in authentication of identity documents

The Liffey A __ Level 1

Ulrich Schneider gained a PhD in Experimental Solid State Physics from Augsburg University in 2000. After a short stay in industry as R&D Project Manager in fused silica for optical-fibre solutions, he joined the Identity Document Systems department of the Forensic Science Institute at the German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) in 2002, where he became a specialist document examiner.

Ulrich’s work includes preparing written and oral expert opinions on questioned documents for law enforcement agencies and to be used as evidence in court. He has led a number of R&D projects aiming to improve document security, and has served as a consultant for German authorities and other European governments.

Ulrich currently lends his expertise to several national and international working groups, to increase the counterfeit deterrence of security documents, and to develop standardised features and techniques for machine authentication.

Best practice guidelines for optical machine authentication

From R&D project work on a national forensic laboratory level to ICAO international standardisation - bridging creativity and technology.