Maickel van Oijen

Supervisor Document Helpdesk

Keesing Technologies __ The Netherlands

Tuesday 21/03/2018 __ 15:10-15:30

Plenary __ Banknotes and identity documents in a changing world

Auditorium __ Level 3

Maickel van Oijen currently currently works as a Supervisor Document Helpdesk/Document Expert at Keesing Technologies.

Almost two decades spent in different government positions at the Dutch Immigration Office and the Forgery Department at Schiphol Airport have enabled him to accumulate extensive knowledge of ID documents. Maickel is an expert in the field of ID document authentication.

Over the past few years, he has been active as an International Document Trainer at the Expertise Centre Identity Fraud and Documents (ECID), providing ID Document Authentication training for, and sharing his knowledge with, among others, embassies, consulates, airlines, security agencies, immigration offices, and police departments all over the globe.

Maickel is one of Keesing ID Academy’s trainers as well.

Latest trends in security features for banknotes and IDs

A closer look at the evolution, use and forgery trends of security features in banknote and ID documents: past, present and future.