Leif Veggum

Director, Cashier’s Department

Central Bank of Norway __ Norway

Friday 23/03/2018 __ 11:10-12:40

Panel discussion __ Future of cash

The Liffey B __ Level 1

Leif Veggum joined the Norges Bank in 1986 and has worked in the Cashier’s Department since 2000, becoming Director of the unit in 2017.

Leif was a driving force in the changes that Norges Bank implemented to cash operations in order to increase the efficiency in cash distribution, including redefining Norges Bank’s role and responsibilities, and reorganising the services and tasks for which the central bank is responsible.

Prior to that, Leif served in Norges Bank’s Financial Markets Department and Payment Systems Department.

Panel discussion __ Future of cash

Digital money, e-currency, mobile payments or cash – what does the future payment ecosystem look like? Will just one of these dominate and will others become niche applications? Which considerations will be important to consumers, industry and regulatory bodies? Our panel of experts will look for answers to these questions and any others you might have.