Gary McManus

Identity Fraud Investigator

Metropolitan Police Service __ United Kingdom

Thursday 22/03/2018 __ 11:15-11:35

Session 4 __ Protecting the integrity of ID documents and their supply chain

The Liffey A __ Level 1

Gary McManus has worked for the MPS for 20 years as intelligence professional. He has worked in borough intelligence units and spent 4 years on a murder investigation team.

Since 2010 he has been running Project Genesius. This is an initiative between law enforcement and industry to combat the production of counterfeit identity documents. Genesius members range across many areas of the secure printing industry.

Gary was instrumental in proposing a change in law to the Home Office; this resulted in the ‘Specialist Printing Equipment and Offences’ act which became law in April 2015.

Genesius + Amberhill – the UK’s largest police force and its strategy to combat identity fraud

The Metropolitan Police has developed a three-tiered strategy to tackle identity fraud. This presentation will take you through these tiers and also provide an interesting case study involving love, explosives and a cat!