Narumi Pereira Lima

Forensic Expert

Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences (SBCF) __ Brazil

Friday 23/03/2018 __ 09:30-09:50

Session 10 __ The future of identity

The Liffey A __ Level 1

Narumi Pereira Lima is an Engineer, MBA, specialised in Criminalistics Management and Forensic Document Examination.

She is International Relations and QDE Adviser for the Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences and has served as Forensic Expert in Questioned Document Examination (QDE) in the Brazilian Federal Police since 2002, integrating working groups on border control equipment and passport specifications.

Narumi is a Criminalistics and QDE Professor at the National Police Academy, and gives courses and seminars in security documents such as passports and IDs at home and abroad.

She has contributed chapters to specialist publications including Forensic Sciences and Questioned Documents: Technical, Scientific and Legal Aspects.

Beyond the X: civil identification of transgenders

The presentation will address some of the issues related to the civil identification of transgenders, such as gender identification and the use of social names, and its legal, social and security implications.