Stefan Hardt

Director General Cash Management

Deutsche Bundesbank __ Germany

Thursday 22/03/2018 __ 14:50-15:15

Session 5 __ Challenges in a cash society

The Liffey B __ Level 1

Stefan Hardt trained as a bank clerk and worked as a loan consultant before joining the Deutsche Bundesbank in 1985. After graduating in Business Administration from the Bundesbank's University of Applied Sciences, he held various positions in cashless payments and banking supervision at the Central Office in Frankfurt am Main.

In 1996, having successfully completed the civil servant training programme for admission to the Higher Service, Stefan was appointed Deputy Head of the Internal and External Procedures in Cash Payment Operations Division, and subsequently promoted Head of the Future of Cash Office in 2005.

Stefan became Head of the Cash Payments and Automated Cash Processing Division in 2006 and Deputy Director of General Cash Management in 2009. He was then named President of the Bundesbank's Regional Office in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

Since January 2015, Stefan is Director General of Cash Management.

A chief cashier’s worst nightmare

Confidence in a currency is rooted in cash. What would happen if perfect counterfeits shattered that confidence, if banknotes suddenly started to crumble in our hands or everyone reverted to cashless payment methods?