Tunji Durodola

Identity Management Consultant

National Identity Management Commission __ Nigeria

Thursday 22/03/2018 __ 11:35-11:55

Session 4 __ Protecting the integrity of ID documents and their supply chain

The Liffey A __ Level 1

Tunji ʽLinuxProphet’ Durodola is an IT Consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the development of solutions for mobile devices and the Linux operating system.

Tunji grew up in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s. He developed an early passion for palmtops and handhelds, and was the first to craft an electronic version of the London Underground Tube system for the Psion Organizer II in 1989.

Having consulted for a myriad of industries and key sectors ranging from banking to oil and gas to government, Tunji joined the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) in mid-2012 as a Hardware Stress Tester and Key Technical Adviser to the DG/CEO.

Appointed Head of the newly created Card Management Services Department at the Commission in January 2014, he also serves as Head of Information Security and as Systems Integrator for the National Identity Management System (NIMS), whose foreign vendors report directly to him.

Tunji is an unashamed audiophile with a very keen interest in high-end audio and Linux. He currently advises Nigeria and three other African nations on identity management technologies and solutions, and also assists to weed out ʽtechnology dumping’ from the Western world.

Tunji is currently completing a master’s in International Business Law from the highly-respected Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland.

Enhancing identity management in times of economic depression

With the African continent facing unique challenges, there is a need to enhance the identity of citizens and persons who reside legally or otherwise under a nation’s airspace.