Booth no. 25

LANA sets its spotlight onto expertise in the production of security relevant papers and packaging boards. At Lana everything revolves around the different security features and techniques, which make the papers distinctive and safe. Visitors at booth 25 will see how LANA achieves counterfeit-proof papers and boards, with chemical treatment or by adding inclusions, security threads, visible and/or invisible fibres, dots, and internal points.

Lana specialises in creating individual watermarks. Due to its integrated watermark atelier, in-house experts supervise the progress from design to production.

Paper manufacturer for more than four centuries, Lana continues the great paper making tradition and exploits its immense know-how: the watermarks and fine arts papers have made Lana's name. The company is now developing various areas of additional expertise in security papers, dyed-in-the-mass papers, technical papers, fine arts papers, graphical papers, specific papers for the label industry and innovative, design papers for the luxury industry.

Lana combines its various areas of know-how to create new, premium, customised products.
139 Route de la Wantzenau
67015 Strasbourg Cedex

Contact: Fabienne Stadler