Inspectron Ltd
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Inspectron provides proven Track, Trace and Quality control solutions that can be built into a variety of production processes.

These solutions provide for the 100% integrity and auditing requirements of today's security document producers.

Our team continuously works with many ePassport, ID Card, Inlay Book Makers, Personalisation and Finishing suppliers to produce a range of solutions for the industry.
Unit 12 Moorecare
Marston Trading Estate
BA11 4RL Frome
United Kingdom

Contact: John Harvey

INTERGRAF Certification
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Intergraf has developed standards for security printers and suppliers for over 15 years and initiated the development of the CWA 14641, CWA 15374 and ISO 14298 standards in cooperation with standardisation institutes and industry experts from 25 countries on 5 continents.

Those standards have ever since been a recognised reference for government and industry to guarantee a high-quality security management system and to help fight counterfeiting.

Intergraf certificates stand for trusted security printers and suppliers worldwide and are integrated in many tenders every year.
Avenue Louise 130A bte 2
1050 Brussels

Contact person: Doris Schulz-Pätzold

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INTERPOL’s activities are based around three broad programmes that reflect current policing concerns: counter-terrorism, cybercrime, and organised and emerging crime.

INTERPOL’s Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents Branch provides support, tools, and services aimed at suppressing the counterfeiting of currencies and security documents.

Of particular relevance to the security printing industry is Project S-Print, a collaborative effort to prevent the proliferation of counterfeit currency and identity documents.
INTERPOL General Secretariat
200 Quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon


IQ Structures s.r.o.
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IQ Structures is a technology company focusing on development of new materials and optical structures for the production of high value industrial products for governments, business to business, scientific institutions and more.

IQ Structures uses cutting-edge technologies and equipment for the development of special surface structures to give materials specific mechanical, optical, electrical and physical-chemical properties. IQ Structures has a team of top experts in the fields of optics, theoretical and applied physics, chemistry and material science. All supported by a team of professionals highly experienced in international trade and project management.
Hlavni 130
250 68 Husinec-Rez
Czech Republic

Contact: Petr Franc

Booth no. 107

IQDEMY holding is a group of high-tech innovative enterprises that have been working in the markets of digital printing, control electronics, chemicals and consulting since 1998.

The Holding's enterprises produce high-precision and sophisticated printing equipment, inks, protective coatings, and control electronics for printing systems.

In addition, in the framework of research and development activities, there is on-going research in the field of chemistry of coloring and protective substances, development and prototyping of complex printing systems for the world's leading manufacturers of consumer goods.
3960, Techno-Pole 4

Contact: Darya Vorobyeva

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Drawing on over 30 years of experience, ISRA VISION, the market leader in optical inspection technology, presents the latest advancements of the BankSTAR product family.

The latest generation of BankSTAR detects and analyses all kinds of defects on security paper, security printing and even the latest generation of security elements, assuring 100% quality and increasing process efficiency throughout the production chain.
Albert-Einstein-Allee 36-40
45699 Herten

Contact: Dr. Rudolf Krampe