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BN Covermaterials covers the world. BN Covermaterials b.v., located in the Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer of cover materials for the graphical market including a wide range of passport cover materials for the security market.

BN’s products are commonly used on the world’s leading passport production machines. The base materials used for productions are: textile and reinforced latex-impregnated paper called. The coated textile product is BALATEX and the coated latex paper product is BALACRYL. The coatings are water-based Acrylic (for heat-resistant solutions) or, for economic solutions, vinyl on a base of OBA free paper. For e-passport covers in textile, BN Covermaterials applies a special backside coating enabling the use of PU-hotmelt for laminating of i.e. Teslin on backside of the cover.

BN Covermaterials can produce basically every colour required ageing-resistant and treat the surface with the most common embossings used for security covers.The minimum production is only 1.000 m2 for textile and 500 m2 for latex-paper based covers. BN Covermaterials is able to supply both in sheets and rolls. The practical and flexible attitude has resulted in a continuing growth of projects over the passed years. On request BN can provide cover solutions for both textile and latex-paper based covers with an invisible UV ink in different colours.

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