Bilcare Research Srl
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Global supplier of films.

Special, durable, high bonding, laserable overlay for all types of banking and secure ID cards.
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Contact: Marco Balatti

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The company was founded in 1924 in Munich by the inventor of the Triumph rubber blanket. Today, BIRKAN is a unique specialist in printing blankets, underpacking materials and laser engraved printing plates. The range comprehends a growing selection destinated to banknote and security printers.

With regard to the high-level requirements of Intaglio printing, BIRKAN's approach is not only to deliver premium products and services, but to assist its customers in improving their overall consumables' longevity. The newly developed, sophisticated 'Intaglio-Pressboard' packing system has the potential to set a new benchmark for standardisation and economy.
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Contact: Josef Wittenberger

BN Covermaterials
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BN Covermaterials covers the world. BN Covermaterials b.v., located in the Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer of cover materials for the graphical market including a wide range of passport cover materials for the security market.

BN’s products are commonly used on the world’s leading passport production machines. The base materials used for productions are: textile and reinforced latex-impregnated paper called. The coated textile product is BALATEX and the coated latex paper product is BALACRYL. The coatings are water-based Acrylic (for heat-resistant solutions) or, for economic solutions, vinyl on a base of OBA free paper. For e-passport covers in textile, BN Covermaterials applies a special backside coating enabling the use of PU-hotmelt for laminating of i.e. Teslin on backside of the cover.

BN Covermaterials can produce basically every colour required ageing-resistant and treat the surface with the most common embossings used for security covers.The minimum production is only 1.000 m2 for textile and 500 m2 for latex-paper based covers. BN Covermaterials is able to supply both in sheets and rolls. The practical and flexible attitude has resulted in a continuing growth of projects over the passed years. On request BN can provide cover solutions for both textile and latex-paper based covers with an invisible UV ink in different colours.

Feel free to contact us through our webmail: .
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Contact person: Karel Borst