Jane Raymond


Secure Perception Research __ United Kingdom

Thursday 22/03/2018 __ 16:00-16:25

Session 7 __ Psychology of cash: a world without it?

The Liffey A __ Level 1

Jane E. Raymond holds the Chair of Visual Cognition at the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK and is also CEO of Secure Perception Research, Ltd. She has been actively engaged in basic and applied research in Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience for nearly 30 years.

Jane’s specific expertise is in human perception, attention, emotion and motivation. Her basic science research in these areas has been supported by numerous grants from the UK Research Councils and has resulted in numerous highly cited articles and chapters.

She works with several central banks and industrial groups on problems related to public perception of counterfeit. She received the prestigious WPP/Google Marketing Research Award in 2010 for excellence in attention and perception in the digital environment.

The rewarding nature of cash: a cognitive neuroscience perspective

Money is merely a token to be used to gain the things we all want and need. Why then do we find cash so rewarding? In this presentation, I discuss how the brain’s reward system operates to explain our love for tangible, touchable currency.