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Onsite Information



Avda. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, 1
41000 Sevilla, Spain

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How to get there

How to get thereNeed help to travel to Seville?
Or get from Seville to FIBES?
We tell you how!

Shuttle buses

Registration desk

RegistrationPlease pick up your badge from the registration desk, located on the first floor opposite the entrance.


DAY 0 (04/10/2016): 11:00–20:00
DAY 1 (05/10/2016): 08:30–18:00
DAY 2 (06/10/2016): 08:30–18:00
DAY 3 (07/10/2016): 09:00–14:00

Access to the conference sessions, exhibition, and networking events can only be granted to badge-holders.

Please note that if we are still missing your photograph when you arrive in FIBES, you will need to wait while your picture is taken and the badge printed.

Speaker room

Speaker RoomSpeakers are encouraged to visit the Speaker room, located on the first floor, ahead of their session. If your presentation has been recently updated, you will be able to hand in the new version the audiovisual technician who will check your slides with you to ensure they run smoothly and will help with any question you may have.


DAY 0 (04/10/2016): 08:00–17:00
DAY 1 (05/10/2016): 08:30–17:00
DAY 2 (06/10/2016): 08:30–17:00
DAY 3 (07/10/2016): 08:30–11:00


Event opening hours

Event HoursThe conference opens with the Welcome address at 09:30 on 05/10/2016 and the exhibition will be open as follows:


DAY 1 (05/10/2016): 09:30–15:35
DAY 2 (06/10/2016): 09:30–17:00
DAY 3 (07/10/2016): 09:30–12.300


DAY 1 (05/10/2016): 11:00–19:00
DAY 2 (06/10/2016): 08:30–18:00
DAY 3 (07/10/2016): 08:30–14:00


CloakroomA cloakroom will be available free of charge in the conference centre foyer

Contact information

ContactIntergraf staff will be available at the registration desk throughout the day for any questions you might have - Seville Office: +34 955 156 021

Questions about the conference?

Simona Barbulescu, Event Coordinator - sbarbulescu@intergraf.eu
Corinne Durand, Website & Registration Officer - cdurand@intergraf.eu
Andrea Marengo, Conference & Exhibition Assistant - officesp@intergraf.eu

Questions about the exhibition?

Cristina Munteanu, Exhibition Coordinator - cmunteanu@intergraf.eu or call +32 474 23 26 92

Questions about accommodation?

Julen Bastarrika at Julen.Bastarrika@mci-group.com or call +34 955 156 022 (onsite desk)

Questions about Seville?

A Tourist Information Point will be open during event hours at FIBES next to the registration desk
FIBES Floor Plans

FIBES Floor plan - First Floor

FIBES Floor plan - Second Floor

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